Pitfalls of the Monday mindset

That's it, starting Monday, I'm going to...

This is such a problematic mindset.

It views change as an event and vows to begin improving some aspect of its quality of life on a particular day or time.

Of course, Monday is just one of the stories it tells itself, it says the same thing on the 1st of each month, it's birthday, the next full moon, five o' clock each morning, after a stressful event, etc.

At its' core is scarcity and fear, it avoids accountability and criticism, and as a result, it delays magnificence.

The resistance is real and incredibly painful.

The key is to analyze the narratives, process the pain, finally surrender your need for control and merely start.

Just do it once, then do it again and once more and so on.

Managing important work one decision at a time gets you there.

"Genius is initiative on fire." Holbrook Jackson



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