People-pleasers are easy to please

A people-pleaser is someone who does what they can to gain approval from others.

It's one of the many manifestations of deep-seated insecurity, typically stemming from a lack of validation during one's upbringing.

They believe that once they make everyone else happy, then they'll be happy.

Unfortunately, this couldn't be further from the truth.

Since their efforts emanate from fear, they invariably end up feeling even worse over time.

Part of being a pleaser is being easy to please.

They tend to go with the flow, fearing disappointing others, losing favor, and risking having someone believe what they already believe about themselves.

This crisis can never be solved but only outgrown once they know who they are apart from the rejections they've endured during their formative years.

"And I love that story." Gunter Lennon



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