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Monday, January 27th, 2020

Step 8: Made a list of all persons we had harmed, and became willing to make amends to them all.

What we consider sin is not really sin, but actually a symptom of sin. The origin of all sin is separateness, the isolated sense that you are somehow disconnected from all that is, including those around you. This perception causes you to position yourself as superior or inferior to others (for me or against me), engaging with others at a transactional level, and leading to the all-consuming all-or-none mentality. We're only capable of sin when we're in a state of disillusionment, that is separateness. Sin is less an act of intentionality than it is a disease and a cry for help, longing to feel loved, believed in, and worthy of genuine connection.

Part of the MindBodySpirit® Coaching process is helping people restore a spirit of connectedness through self-relationship. When that's out-of-balance, invariably, so are the rest of their relationships with time, money, food, status, people, etc. Again, how we do anything is how we do everything! Of those relationships, the most dynamic is the one they have with other people, and there are often a handful, if not more, relational strains. Part of helping people rediscover their YESness, and provoking healing and transforming from the inside-out, is extending their positive life force to heal broken bonds. Naturally, the insecure ego starts by pointing the finger at all who have hurt it, justifying its actions, and making desperate attempts at securing its victimhood. Since we cannot control others, we can only become willing to amends with those we've hurt. The key here is being enrolled in the process.

"When you move to higher states of love and transformation, you do not jump over the earlier stages but must go back and rectify the earlier wrongs, or there will be no healing or open future for you–or for those you have hurt. God fully forgives us, but the "karma" of our mistakes remains, and we must still go back and repair the bonds that we have broken. Otherwise, others will not be able to forgive us, will remain stuck, and we will both remain a wounded world. We usually need to make amends to forgive even ourselves. Nothing goes away in the spiritual world; all must be reconciled and accounted for."

I've personally witnessed people lose weight following the restoration of a broken relationship without any changes to their diet or physical activity. There's a literal heaviness that comes along with grudges, and while their roots may be cognitive and emotional, they manifest in all dimensions of The Whole Person: MindBodySpirit. I don't believe there are many absolutes in life, but I'm convinced, the ONLY way to help people become whole is to treat them that way. Unless and until the health and fitness industry looks far beyond the activities that occur within the four walls of a gym, we're truly going nowhere very fast.

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"For humans, there is only a slow softening of the heart, a gradual lessening of our attachment to our hurts, our victimhood as a past identity, or any need to punish or humiliate others." Richard Rohr



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