One hundred years young

The Whole Person Blog: Week Three, Day Two, Part 2/2 - One hundred years young

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Monday, January 13th, 2020

As a MindBodySpirit Coach, I'm deeply connected to my clients, and I have the privilege of understanding the relationship people have with themselves. Sure, they may state their struggle with food, alcohol, porn, work, binge-watching, body image, smoking, etc. I help them understand their vice is not the problem, only the manifestation of it, and that they're all reflections of deficits within their self-relationship. Another self-relational challenge I often see is how poorly people relate to their physicality. I had a client in their early thirties talk about getting old. Many operate with the expectation they will start falling apart as they get older. And of course, their stories are self-fulfilling prophecies.

Dr. Mario Martinez has interviewed 350 healthy centenarians (people over 100) from all over the world to understand how they've aged so gracefully:

"Growing older is a natural process we all experience. Aging, on the other hand, is a dysfunctional concept: an assimilation of cultural portals that define how our biology "should" respond to the passing of time. I have done extensive research with healthy centenarians (100 years or older) in varied cultures. This chapter, based on what I discovered, addresses the common traits, beliefs, and concepts of aging that contribute to the wellness and longevity of the longest-living people in the world.

Resilience, perseverance, creativity, and flexibility are all attributes I have found in every healthy centenarian I have studied in cultures spanning five continents. My investigation of them has taught me that these people share four essential beliefs.

Growing older is the passing of time; aging is what we do with time, based on our cultural beliefs

The present moment is never too late to make commitments

Illnesses are learned; the causes of health are inherited.

Forgiveness is a liberating act of self-love."

One way I practice centenarian mindfulness is through my morning and evening rituals. During these times of day, I'm prioritizing generative and restorative activities that honor myself as a Whole Person. During these bookends of the day, it's as if time stops, I enter into a flow state, and I'm basking in a fountain of youth. In these moments, I'm the cause of my own health. What I do during those times is not as important as the fact that I want to be there doing those things. The key here is to involve yourself in the process, to assert yourself, to be the catalyst.

"It is essential to recognize time as an invention we devised to measure our movement through space." Dr. Mario Martinez

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