One hand washes the other...

We, of course, understand that one hand washes the other.

Though, we don't always understand how it applies beyond our hands.

There seems to be a constant struggle between mind and body.

The mind is never happy with its body's physique, energy levels, posture, comfort or function...hell, the mind's not really happy with anything.

All the while the Body says: "Mind, I'm just a reflection of when you decide it's time to move, how you choose to nourish us and when you feel it's right to get some rest.

The Body continues saying: "I'll happily give you what you want so long as you give me what I need. Move me; exercise is optional, but movement is mandatory. Nourish me; take the time to notice we are what we eat. Rest me; it's our fountain of youth."

The Mind replies: "You're right, I've not been kind to us, and you're just the physical evidence. I've been putting everything and everyone else ahead of us. I've been so busy trying to become "successful" and self-care is not on my priority list. Don't tell anyone because we'll be judged. I feel empty inside, and I struggle with performance-based worthiness, and quite honestly, it's easier for me to blame you than it is to see my role in our situation."

Everything is about relationships, and all successful one's balance wants and needs. The mind wants, and the body needs. Find your balance!

"It is quite impossible to heal the body without healing the soul." Socrates



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