Not that pill, program or are the solution

Our instant gratification, quick-fix culture is still waiting for that pill, program or procedure that's going to help them lose weight, improve energy, build confidence and make a million dollars.

This is nothing other than a victim mentality, through and through.

Some people don't want to be told they are the solution to their own situation because it puts them on the hook.

The problem with being on the hook is you're going to fail.

While everyone knows failure is required for success, it still feels incredibly personal and it tends to reinforce the limiting core beliefs we have of ourselves.

You may be wondering how you start to improve your relationship with failing...the answers is to fail and fall often.

Fall, get back up, fall, get back up, fall, you get the point--it's the resilience muscle.

The art is to learn how to separate the fall from your identity, not allowing it to be a predictor of your worth.

Matters of self-worth are never open for discussion and failing is no exception.

"Good men are bound by conscience and liberated by accountability." Wes Fessler



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