Not change, evolution...

I don't even really like the “C” word.

Change is, at its core, is a subtle form of self-rejection.

It says: “Who or what or where I am is not good enough.”

It’s why most change statements start with “I have to,” “I need to” or “I should.”

Change rarely works because it feels like an obligation, like something you have to do and that approach sucks all of the joy out of the process of transformation.

Rather than change, I teach people how to evolve in a way that keeps them free to be who they are, while they develop skill sets necessary for making new decisions.

Approach truly matters--if joy is not at the forefront of your endeavor, intentions and outcomes rarely align.

Yes, words matter too because words they have symbolism and cultural meaning.

A paradigm shift from change to evolution is required to experience "change" as an opportunity, something you get to do.

"I never changed, I just learned, it's called evolution." Anonymous

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