Need vs. want to vacation

I used to need to go on vacations.

My life was so imbalanced and stress was so high that I often existed beyond my threshold and could hardly wait to get away.

At that time, I actually believed getting away would improve things.

Ended up, what stressed me out at home was still bothersome on vacation.

I was surprised when my impatience, my criticisms, my insecurities, and my separateness followed me.

Little did I know that how I did anything was how I did everything.

Life wasn't difficult as much as I was manifesting the emotional energy I carried around, though my victim mentality was blinding me from this reality.

As I started becoming aware of how I was unconsciously participating in my own problems, I was empowered to begin creating a different way forward.

Little by little, I began surrendering my need for control, stopped looking for things outside of me to make me happy and shifted my focus from my container to the contents within.

And today, I'm on vacation purely because I want to be and I never thought I'd say this, but I'm looking forward to getting back home.

"Try creating a lifestyle you don't need a vacation from." Seth Godin



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