My emotions are my logic, part 1

People who operate primarily on logic (left-brain) seemingly always want to know WHY someone wants to do what they want to do and WHY they did what they've already done.

For them, 1 + 1 = 2, things are pretty black-or-white, decisions are made based on common sense, emotions complicate things (so it's best to discard them), and there's less value in talking about things than actually doing them.

In many ways, they're right; this works for them; they're often highly productive and make significant contributions to society.

Now, you can bet your bottom dollar that their questions are rarely based purely on curiosity; in many instances, it's a form of control due to a lack of emotional safety. Rather than react to this statement, contemplate it, and trace your inquires back to their roots.

When you push someone (emotional) into a corner who doesn't think this way, you'll very quickly bump up against reactivity, defensiveness, and argumentativeness.

What this person really wants to say is: My emotions are my logic!

They simply want to do what they want to do because it makes them feel good when they think about doing it their way (another form of control). The reaction to and ramifications of their decisions are tertiary to their desire to satisfy their immediate need to feel good.

Their emotions have been their guide their entire lives, and even though they may place them into challenging predicaments, they honestly don't know another way; in fact, it was imperative to their survival at some point in their life.

I'll be the first to admit, it would be incredibly difficult for a logical person to embrace the empathy required to see the world through the eyes of someone who makes decisions emotionally, but unless they do, criticism and tension will remain.

The plot thickens, there's more to the story, and we'll dig into part 2 next week! Here's an excellent video short from Brene Brown on empathy.

"To awaken human emotions is the highest level of art." Isadora Duncan

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