Mistaking the projection and the projector

When you go to the movies, there's a projector projecting a projection onto a screen. The projector represents your inner world, including your Identity and Beliefs. The projection represents your outer world, including your Behaviors and Symptoms.

Can you imagine running up to the screen and trying to change the projection displayed by banging on it? Of course not! You know if you disliked the movie that was playing, you'd have to go directly to the projector and make your changes there.

Interestingly, we fundamentally misunderstand this concept when it comes to how we behave. Trying to manipulate behaviors (eating better, moving more, etc.) to change symptoms (weight gain, exhaustion, etc.) is the equivalent of trying to change the projection instead of addressing the projector.

Your outer world (projection) is a perfect reflection of your inner world (projector). It's important to understand that unless you're working on your projector, you cannot and will not see a change in your projection. More importantly, your projector was primarily programmed by what your parents projected.

When you start seeing and understanding the connections, you tend to take the projection far less seriously and get focused on reprogramming your projector.

"What people say and do is a projection of their own reality." Miguel Angel Ruiz



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