Managing the GAP between revolution and evolution

Change talk is always revolutionary in nature!

The conscious mind can instantly visualize a reality that has yet to be created.

Though, the speed at which change plays out is evolutionary in nature.

The massive GAP between a revolution and an evolution is where just about everyone gets stuck.

They lack insight on how change unfolds and the fortitude to endure the frustration, disappointment and resentment from mismanaged expectations.

The 3 strategies I use to get through my GAP are...

1. My breath--it's a reminder that something bigger than me is saying YES to me

2. My why--reminding myself of my personal values keeps meaning at the forefront of my endeavors

3. My failures--they're a reminder that I'm operating outside of my comfort zone and developing the characters traits necessary to support the life I want to lead

"Change is inevitable, growth is optional." John Maxwell



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