Making this Monday matter

Week-by-week, it's likely you promise yourself you're going to do or not do something this week that you did or didn't do last week.

Just stop!


Be. Here. Now.

You don't HAVE to do anything, period.

Sure, there are always trade-offs to your decisions but do appreciate that you have a choice.

The question is: What do you WANT to do?

What one thing would you like to do this week?

Do that and only that and don't ever, even for a moment, believe your worth is somehow tied to the achievement of this thing.

Don't do it to be happy, don't do it to prove anything, and don't do it for someone else.

Do it because you want to and because you can, because it's an expression of the inherent peace, love, and joy within you.

"When self-improvement is an attempt at self-acceptance, it's self-rejection." Michael Rizk



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