Livin' the dream

I don't think people really believe me when they ask how I'm doing, and I reply: I'm livin' the dream.

I don't say it to be cute, clever, or crafty.

It's really simple too…want to know the "secret?"

Accepting reality, as it is! Not how you prefer it to be.

Your imperfections, your need for control, your salary, your waistline, your overbearing coworker, that person who betrayed, abandoned or shamed you…

Yep, accept it.

Accepting it doesn't mean you condone it, permit it, justify it, tolerate it or even like just means you aren't willing to identify with it, allow it to consume you or keep you from living the dream.

There's only skill-set needed: surrender.

Yes it's uncomfortable, yes it feels like losing and yes you can learn how to do it—it's a practice.

Reality-->Surrender-->Freedom-->Living the dream!

"The hardest reality is accepting reality." Joker



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