Life as a practice

Updated: Oct 20, 2019

If you're taking life too seriously and it's getting the best of you, you may have forgotten that life is about practice, not perfection.

Nothing will meet your expectations, and everything is a novelty.

The part of you that's reacting to life is the insecure part of you, the broken part that has a variety of unmet needs.

Breathe and rest into your day; it's all practice, no one's keeping score, you have unlimited do-overs, and quite frankly, none of it's going to matter very much in 100 years.

We're all just specks of dust in this grand, cosmic universe, and we're all doing the best we can with what we've got.

Life is a practice; let's practice life!

"Life is the art of drawing without an eraser." John W. Gardener



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