Laying the question of self-worth to rest

Day-by-day, more and more people are speaking about their struggles with self-worth or "feeling" worthy.

I attribute much of the courageous, vulnerable sharing of painful experiences and difficult emotions to the work of Dr. Brene Brown--many thanks for her insights and generosity!

If you've ever struggled with feeling worthy; in this short blog, I'm going to empower you to reclaim your worth fully.

The first thing we need to identify is where our worth comes from...shall we say a "higher power."

It's equally as important to note where our worth does not come from...our parents, or any other human being.

Our worth is of a divine nature and is purely a gift, one that can only be accepted or rejected.

Worth = Divine Gift

The next thing we need to determine is if our worth is relative or absolute; meaning, does it fluctuate when we do "bad" things or bad things happen to us?

To which the answer is: NO!

Since we did not earn, or assign ourselves our worth, we also cannot change its value--it's dynamically constant.

Therefore, your worth is unconditional and absolute in nature.

Worth = Unchanging

If my worth is abundant and eternal, why don't I always feel it?

In short, you've confused the painful experiences of your past with your identity (experiences = identity), when in fact, your experiences are completely unrelated to your identity (experiences ≠ identity).

There you have it, you've manufactured a story that a past experience diminished your worth, and since you've confused the two, only you can separate them.

The only thing you can do now is: contemplate that reality, grieve your pain, untangle the two, and bask in your infinite worth!

"Don't do anything to become worthy, and do everything to express your worthiness!" Michael Rizk

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