Labeling is limting

Labels are great for price tags, designer recognition, and warning signs, but they're in many ways useless when we apply them to ourselves.

"I'm lazy." "I'm my own biggest critic." I'm a shopaholic." "I'm a procrastinator." "I'm a cardio junkie." "I'm my own worst enemy."

Tom Asacker says we're in the Business of Belief…we make decisions consistent with what we believe. If we think we look good in black, that's why our closet is full of it. This is all good and well except when the labels we're using are not aligned with who we want to be.

The danger of labeling is:

- We justify our behaviors: When we claim to be a procrastinator, waiting till the eleventh hour actually suits us.

- We relinquish accountability: It's not your fault you're behind the eight-ball, you're a procrastinator!

- We reinforce the belief: "Whether you think you can or cannot, you're right." Henry Ford

When you label yourself, you do business with your GAP—that space between where you are and want to be, containing everything that limits you from reaching your full potential. When you find ourselves making excuses, justifying behaviors, or placing blame, the GAP is at play.

The solution to labeling is curiosity, wondering WHY you're doing WHAT you're doing.

"Don't judge the behavior, seek to understand the motivation." Joyce Meyer



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