It's not a lack of motivation...'s a lack of curiosity that keeps us from leading our preferred lives.

We get overly and incessantly focused on doing the "right" things, rather than investing the time to understand why we're not doing them, to begin with.

As the saying goes: Haste makes waste!

The answer is not action, and the problem is not motivation.

The answer is awareness, and the solution is curiosity.

Why am I not living the life I want to live? Why do I break the promises I make to myself? What emotions am I frequenting at the beginning and end of the day? What am I capable of achieving tomorrow? What narrative do I have to unlearn for peaceful, loving joy to prevail?

Not action, contemplation. Not statements, questions. Not by chance, by choice.

The most significant predictor in someone's ability to display curiosity comes back to the level of stress they encounter.

If you're stressed, you can't also be curious, because your brain is wired for survival.

Get out of stressed states!

Lower demands and increase resources, on purpose.

Embrace a consciousness of balance, allow each decision to reflect stability in your life, and remain curious about what else is possible as a seeker of truth.

"We live in the world our questions create." David Cooperrider

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