Is helping people reach their goals the right focus?

I’m becoming disenchanted with the process of helping people reach their goals. 

Why is there so much focus on the goal?

Reaching the goal, for all intents and purpose, will at best, create temporary and extrinsic motivation and esteem

The focus of coaching should be on changing the person into someone who reaches their goals—which is very different.

Here, the focus is on the person, not the goal. 

The question I ask myself when coaching others is: Who do I have to help this person become so they are equipped, encouraged and empowered to reach their goals? 

Think of skill-sets and resources, teaching someone how to...

1. Take a risk on themselves

2. Access the present moment

3. Solve an interesting problem

4. Get back up after a fall

5. Accept themselves before they reach their goals, etc.

"Transformed people transform people." Richard Rohr



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