Investigating resistance

There's some important task that's been on your to-do list that you never seem to address.

Why is that?

There's some story you're telling yourself about why it's not getting done.

This narrative creates painful emotions and most often leads to protective, numbing behaviors...which only serves to make matters worst.

It's worth the while to investigate your story of resistance; it may sound something like this...

- My sibling never had to study and always got A's, and I had to work hard, and effort reminds me of how stupid I am.

- I was bullied in school and working on my project makes me feel like there'll be a bully waiting for me around the corner.

- I received praise for working hard and called selfish when I practiced self-care, so taking care of myself doesn't seem valuable.

- I was criticized for anything less than perfection, and it feels a whole lot safer to do nothing than to try and be shamed.

- I was abused, and I don't feel worthy of exerting the effort it takes to create my preferred reality.

These five probably aren't your narrative, but there is one that's resisting you from engaging critical work.

This process is contemplative in nature and can feel like your "fixin to get ready" but action minus contemplation leads to stagnation.

Try this...

1. Identify the meaningful task that's not been getting your well-deserved attention

2. Identify the stories you're telling yourself about why it's not getting done

3. Scan the archives of your previous experiences and hone in on those that caused you to feel rejected, excluded and insecure

4. Connect the dots between those experiences and your current resistance (the connections will likely be non-linear/indirect)

5. Perform a visualization with the intent to separate your identity from those experiences (though painful, choose to see your worth inside those experiences)

Once you've untangled your worth from those encounters, rest in your inherent goodness and then express it through compassionate action by engaging that long-awaited task.

"Searching and learning is where the miracle process all begins." Jim Rohn



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