Intro to the Functional Behavioral System

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Have you ever noticed that despite our client's positive intentions to improve their quality of life, that even when paired with our expert assistance, their results rarely align with their desired outcome?  Of course you have, because their lack of results challenges our professionalism and leads to feelings of ineffectiveness and inferiority. 

This scenario can cause us to label our clients as "lazy," "demotivated," and "lacking discipline," and while this takes the pressure off of us as the professional, it fails to solve any of the real challenges at hand. Not to mention, labeling protective behavior only serves to justify it, and as a result, we become a part of the problem. 

While it's human nature to judge behavior we don't understand, one thing is certain, our clients will never thrive inside of critical environments. With fuller insights, we can play a more supportive role in their healing process by practicing empathy and displaying compassion. One way we can do that is by asking generous questions with the intent to comprehend why they're doing what they're doing:

•    What do my client's behaviors suggest they believe about themselves?

•    How is my client measuring success and would changing the metrics influence their behavior? 

•    What is my client's relationship with effort and failing, and how can I help them improve their relationship with it?

On the other side of these questions are answers embedded with truth, and we can leverage that knowledge to construct an Environment for our clients to help them break free of their limiting patterns...but it's not going to happen on the exercise floor. 

While failure to reach a goal may seem like a people-problem, it's invariably an approach problem. Simply stated, results reflect approach, and if we want our clients to be successful, we have to build success in. Yes, clients are accountable to and for themselves, but we also have a responsibility to customize our approach based on their Individual-specific, not goal-specific needs. Some of our approach problems are that we're focused more on the goal than the Individual, more on the symptoms than their Environment, and more on success than teaching people how to fail successfully.

Approach matters!

Professionally, we have to surrender our reliance upon protocol-based programming and engage a constructive thought process that challenges us to make beauty out of constraining situations:

•    How can I tweak my approach to achieve the desired chain reaction?

•    How can I better manage my client's expectations to keep joy at the forefront of our engagement?

•    Who do I have to become in order for my client to become successful?

We've discovered that while client's come to us to enhance their Body, it's their Mind holding them back and their Spirit that suffers. So, if the Mind is holding back the Body, why are we spending so much time conditioning the Body first? We do this because that's what we were taught to do, but let's be honest, it's not working: controllable diseases are still on the rise, anxiety and depression are through the roof, and the very experience we provide is still associated with the phrase: no-pain-no-gain. Unfortunately, there is little evidence of our desire to help people create healthy, happy lives, and we at the Gray Institute, alongside our fantastic industry, are here to solve this problem. 

Albert Einstein brilliantly said: "No problem can be solved by the consciousness that created it." Our current strategies are driven by our current levels of awareness and rather than doing more of what doesn't work, we have to zoom out so we can understand the difference between the problem and the manifestation of the problem. For instance, weight gain is not the problem; it's a manifestation of the problem. The problem may be that someone lives in constant states of frustration, disappointment, and resentment because they seemingly can't live up to their own expectations, and they use food to numb their painful feelings. This problem cannot and will never be fixed by diet and exercise perfection. We need tools to deal with the drivers behind our client's symptom patterns and must stop treating their symptoms, as it keeps them trapped inside of them. 

The Gray Institute has developed the Functional Behavioral System (FBS) to solve these common challenges the everyday professional faces. The underlying approach of the FBS course is a Mind-First Approach® that works through the Mind to uplift the Spirit and transform the Body. We're empowering professionals with the skill-sets and resources necessary to manage conversations that help our client's bridge the GAP between where they are and want to be. The only way this can happen is by learning how to address The Whole Person: MindBodySpirit®. Otherwise, when we try separating the interconnected facets of our being, our impact will be limited, and results will remain short-lived.

If you'd like to play a more significant role in your client's transformative process, working from the inside-out (Spirit-->Mind-->Body) to position them for success far beyond their encounter with you, please join us this fall for the 2-day, Functional Behavioral System workshop in the following locations: 

September 21st-22nd in Chicago, Illinois

October 12th-13th in San Diego, California

* Click here to watch the Intro to the Functional Behavioral System video 

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"The mind, once stretched by a new idea, never returns to its original dimensions." Ralph Waldo Emerson



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