Intensity or Consistency

I've observed two basic patterns over the last twenty years serving the health, fitness, and wellness industry:

  1. People who are on time and operate ahead of the curve.

  2. People who run behind and are behind the 8-ball.

The consistency of the first group minimizes emotional highs and lows, while the inconsistency of the second group, causes an emotional intensity they must endure, day after day after day.

Of course, the intensity persists, and eventually, a threshold is met, and ultimately exceeded, and life's unwanted symptoms become pretty predictable from there.

The second group, God love them, the group I've belonged to the vast majority of my life, we're all doing the best we can with what we've got.

It's important to recall that we are all perfect adaptations to our life experiences. When we're exposed to unpredictable, disorderly, and unsettled environments during our formative years, we embody that energy and chaos ensues.

We can't simply decide to start being more disciplined, focused, and consistent; there are many layers of consideration and unpacking involved.

The way we outgrow those challenges is through the rediscovery of our True Self (TS), which is who we are apart from the painful experiences of our past. The rediscovery of the TS leads to what Christians refer to as being "born again," and more subtly stated, our self-image is restored and our preferred reality starts manifesting to reflect our new, energetic makeup.

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"He, who looks outside, dreams; he, who looks inside, awakens." Carl Jung



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