If you're overcommitted...

...then at some level, you feel undervalued. 

Not personally or professionally, as much as spiritually insignificant.

The solution is NOT to consciously commit to less; it's learning how to see yourself better.

Currently, the problem is that when you look at yourself (self-image), you don't entirely like what you see / who you are, and you believe that doing more will fill your void. 

It won't; it can't, it's a trap!

To be blunt, you've confused and now believe that some painful experience(s) from your past is who you are.

You've mistaken your Experiences for your Identity; this is what I call an identity crisis!

The ONLY solution is to contemplate who you are apart from the painful, ill-defining, and degrading experiences of your past--action will not help you here; it will only make matters worse. 

Premature action is a desperate attempt to become worthy, while contemplation is a willingness to embrace your inherent worthiness.

Once you recognize your foundational goodness/enoughness, overcommitting will not make sense.

"One day, I realized I'm enough, and suddenly, everything changed." Michael Rizk



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