If you're displaying limited behaviors...'s because you're not in alignment with your unlimited identity.

Not the identity of your race, religion, gender, lineage, or status, while beautiful, those labels are inherently limited and limiting.

I'm speaking of the cosmic, universal, divine, abundant, and spiritual nature of your infinite identity.

An excellent way to get at this version of yourself is to start inquiring...

  • Who was I at the moment of conception?

  • How is it that the life force in me is within all things?

  • With 2 trillion galaxies in the observable universe, what else might I not know about myself?

  • Are the stories I'm telling myself placing limits on me?

  • Who was I before I became conscious of my wounds?

"Proper names are poetry in the raw. Like all poetry, they are untranslatable." W.H. Auden



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