If you don't want to workout...

...then don't workout!

It's unfortunate to see people workout because they feel they have to, need to, or should.

This approach stimulates an emotional triangle of frustration, anxiety, and guilt.

Is there any wonder why most people aren't motivated to workout?

They've framed self-care as an obligation and exist inside of emotions that oppose motivation, gratification, and fulfillment.

They trudge through workouts for the sake of their health, not realizing that if they're not happy, they're not going to be healthy either.

Through motivational interviewing and generous conversations, I've discovered several, legitimate reasons why people don't want to workout:

1. They're in survival mode and working out feels like just another thing to do (huge reason why we've seen an explosion in yoga and other restorative practices)

2. They don't believe they're worthy of the effort it takes to practice self-care

3. They have a poor relationship with their body and don't think working out will make a difference

4. They've never identified with being athletic, coordinated or fit

5. They have quality of life issues that are, in fact, more important than working out

Not to mention, people are petrified to stop working out for fear they'll be judged, become lazy or completely unravel.

This type of thinking is driven by the dualistic, all-or-none mentality that can't see any reality between I need to workout every day at high intensities, or I'm going to gain 100 pounds and die prematurely.

This isn't much of an exaggeration!

The "secret" to helping people engage their physicality in opportunistic ways is helping them...

1. Get out of survival and balance their environment

2. Reframe self-care as an expression of personal values

3. Identify physical activities they enjoy engaging that have nothing to do with exercise

4. Remain focused on exerting effort instead of tracking outcomes

5. Recreate the workout experience by connecting the words fun, play, and joy to it

"Happiness is a direction, not a place." Sydney J. Harris



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