If it feels're not changing

This is so ridiculously obvious that it's easy to miss.

Your current status, the one you're trying to change is associated with certain activities, while your preferred status is associated with different activities.

If the activity you're doing right now is comfortable and familiar, you're not changing into the person you ought to be.

Reread that last statement and really let it sink in because when you do, you'll access the present moment in a whole new way.

The moment in which you are engaging a new task, project, thought, feeling or experience--you're changing.

Go do something new, right now! Not urgently, not because you have to and not to strike while the iron is hot but because it's important, because you get to and because the iron is always hot.

There's an entire world of unknown joy waiting to be explored--make it an unfamiliar day!

"Change is inevitable, growth is optional." John C. Maxwell



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