I'm way better and not much has changed

Time and again, I'm noticing clients making significant quality of life improvements, even though they aren't experiencing substantial changes in their circumstances.

How can this be?

In short, through reframing techniques, and helping them interpret reality more fully, through a broader, and more generous lens.

For instance, let's say someone defines themselves by how much they get done on their to-do list.

This framing of reality stems from and predictably leads back to feelings of shame, anger, and sadness, because this is a scarce game, void of substance, one that can never be won.

Now, let's change the metric. Instead of measuring success by how much gets done, let's alter it to identifying which personal values are being expressed through the performance of each task.

Now, even though this person will perform similar activities, they will have a new experience, one that's driven by and leads back to joyous, rewarding, and vibrant emotions.

"What gets measured, gets managed." Peter Drucker



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