I'm not good at selfish

One of my clients recently told me that after six weeks of working with me, she was able for the first time in her life to look in the mirror and love herself. This love for herself was not due to WHAT she saw, but WHO she saw. She saw who she had always been but was never taught how to see, her True Self, who she is apart from the painful experiences of her past. She saw and was able to integrate her divine perfection with her human imperfection--a collision of matter and spirit!

Interestingly, the root of religion (religio), means to rebind or reconnect. I cried when she told me, because just twenty years ago, I got my start as a personal trainer, and I could have never imagined taking part in such profound, transformative experiences. I realized it would be selfish for me to keep my work as a MindBodySpirit Coach all to myself, and to that end, I created The Whole Person Project, a 35-day online program that helps people reach their goals by restoring a positive self-image. We kick off in nine days, and if you're looking for a refreshing and alternative approach to becoming happy and healthy from the inside-out, we'd love to have you: "Tear off the mask; your face is glorious." Rumi If you missed the two webinars I hosted this week; you do not want to miss them: How to Accept Yourself so you can Improve Yourself How to Elevate your Ceilings of Abundance



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