I'm finally not waiting for...

...the other shoe to drop.

Previously, this was my M.O.

I had zero capacity to receive any form of abundance: compliments, affection, spirituality, finance, and peace of mind, just to name a few.

Joy was a foreign concept and I always felt undeserving. As soon as I perceived anything positive coming my way, I'd immediately start worrying something terrible was going to happen. Subconsciously, I was cultivating an emotional environment where I'd become "my own worst enemy" until my progress would begin unraveling.

Lo and behold, every time I lost whatever I had gained, I'd suffer a necessary humiliation, which eventually led to my personal transformation.

I learned there was a part of me that was reliving and identifying with the painful experiences I endured during my formative years and the shame I embodied left no room for affluence.

Ultimately, I reached a critical point in my journey where I met the edge of my own resources and ended up surrendering to something far more Significant than myself.

Simultaneous to that event, I had discovered my originality, and that encounter removed the scarcity I once lived with. Today, the abundance I'm encountering is not outside but inside of me, and it's merely reflecting in my physical reality.

"Abundance is not something we acquire, it's something we tune into." Wayne Dyer



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