I love that story

I have a very fun-loving client, full of joy and optimism, who as we converse each session and share life stories, will invariably say in response to something I say: "I love that story."

When he says that, I feel heard and seen, acknowledged and appreciated because it comes from a place of sincerity, empathy, and generosity.

In turn, I've started saying it too, hoping those on the receiving end can enjoy the abundance embedded within that phrase as I have.

Contextually, his phrase is impactful because he is able to see the good in every situation, and not only when things are going his way.

If he were pessimistic, critical, and cynical in nature, he could utter the same words and they would fall on deaf ears.

I'd say what makes "people like him" special is not anything that we don't all intrinsically have access to, and it's that "they" know what's good about them is inside of them.

They know who they are apart from the painful experiences of their past, what they have, what they do, and what people say about them--they are whole people!

My hope and prayer is that everyone at some point in this lifetime has the opportunity to encounter their True Self because I would ❤❤❤ that story.

"Some people make the world special just by being in it."



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