I know what to do…I’m just scared to do it

Instead of saying: "I know what to do…I just don't do it."

Say: "I know what to do… I'm just scared to do it."

One statement reveals ignorance, while the other reveals fear, and those are two completely different conversations!

Are you ignorant or scared?

If you're honest, you're most likely scared, in which, your next step is not to take action...although that's what you were told you "should" do.

#nopainnogain, right?


You first have to be accountable to your fear, and the best way to do that is to embody it by allowing yourself to physically sense it in your body.

When you contemplate something you want to do and acknowledge the fear connected to it, where does it manifest: In your belly, your chest, your throat?

Great, now stick with it, just breathe into it!

What previous experiences of failure, rejection, or insufficiency does this remind you of?

Don't question the connection or its' level of potential influence, trust in the intelligence of your consciousness and your innate desire to heal from the inside-out.

As you continue holding space for whatever you're feeling, maintain a spirit of neutrality, forming no judgments or barriers, just being fully present to it.

At an unconscious level, you will try to resist experiencing any tension in your body, but don't do it--the pressure created by tension is what transforms your knowing what to do into actually doing it.

Whether or not you realize it, what you most likely fear is encountering a previous, ill-defining experience all over again, validating your already painful insecurities.

It's important to acknowledge there is a fundamental difference between past experiences and your identity--sit with this until you understand the difference.

Deep breathing will continue to serve as the catalyst that converts your pain into a sacred story, facilitating your metamorphosis.

"Allow the fires of transformation to burn away all that doesn't serve you." Heather Ash Amara



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