How you begin sets the trajectory

When you fail to reach your goal, believe it or not, you're not the problem.

The problem lies in your approach.

Approach predicts results!

One of the biggest approach problems I see is how success is being measured.

Most people don't perceive success UNTIL they reach their goal.

That's not good news...and that's a long time to wait before you celebrate.

I tell my clients the nature of our engagement IS success.

The fact that they want to improve their quality of life and have connected themselves to someone who wants to help them is, for all intents and purposes, success.

That's good news!

By starting with success, you create an environment that begets more success.

This is such an important concept to grasp.

This is so unsettling to the inner critic because it wants something to fight against, it wants to prove itself right and it wants to win.

It's ok to appreciate yourself before you get there, in fact, it will probably be the reason why you get there.

Culturally, we really struggle to embody self-compassion, love and grace.

We're afraid if we're kind to ourselves or don't raise expectations to an extreme that we'll never get there--what a scarce mentality?!

The alternative is to suspend joy until the goal is attained but transformation is far more about the journey than the destination.

"Higher has always been the trajectory of intelligent evolution." Timothy Leary



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