How to stay in a Flow state

If you've ever been in the "Flow," words like fluid, dynamic, adaptable, patient, spacious, peaceful, loving, joyous, content, fulfilled, willing, optimistic, resourceful, courageous, generous, effective, efficient, and productive, experientially make lots of sense.

The feeling of this state is second to none, and you'll never settle for anything less.

Though, once you start idolizing a Flow state and it becomes a means to an end, you begin entering a state of friction.

Part of the joy of being in the Flow is its organic nature; it's innocence, curiosity, and simplicity of being.

This doesn't mean you shouldn't wonder how it happened and thoughtfully inquire.

In short, the "secret" is whatever it took to get there is what it takes to stay there.

This is where a journaling practice can be helpful because you'll have documentation of the chain of events that led you there, as well as, what caused you to stray.

Also, don't forget the sweetness of Flow comes from the fact that we lose it and we have to lose it so we can find a fuller version of it, again and again.

Here are the strategies I frequent:

1. Mindfully be aware of how I unconsciously get in my own way (creating friction)

2. Identify the emotions I associate with a Flow state and intentionally bring that emotional energy into my day

3. Surrender the need to be in the Flow in order to have a good day

Flow is our most natural state, so if you're not flowing, zoom out and observe reality to see why.

"Those who flow as life flows, know they need no other force." Lao Tzu



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