How to manage difficult conversations

It can be incredibly difficult to manage direct conversations, especially when they pivot on expectation-setting, uplifting boundaries, and stating preferences. 

The thought alone is enough to stimulate your lower brain, triggering feelings and emotions ranging from fear to nausea, anxiety to tension, and panic to a lump in your throat. 

There is somewhat of a hack though.

Allow your True Self, who you are outside of and beyond your experiences to speak to their True Self, who they are in deep, resounding Love. 

The secret is your True Self is ALWAYS in the FLOW...don't initiate, participate!

When you speak to them from this space, you lead with generosity, compassion, and equality--and it's pretty difficult to hurt people from this level of consciousness.

Your True Self is always subconsciously saying that the goodness in me sees the goodness in you; only this time, you're going to reveal it through kind, meaningful action. 

"Your True Self is a treasure of all divine virtues." Ma Jaya



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