How to cut your stress in half in 5 minutes

I had a client come in recently who was visibly under a lot of stress.

It was clear we weren’t going to do any productive work from that state of Mind.

I taught her about the connection between her Mind and Body—how the Mind thinks and the Body feels.

She shared what was on her Mind and how she was interpreting her outer world.

Then, I had her close her eyes to experience that same story in her Body, in her inner world, which she observed stiffness in her shoulders and heaviness in her chest.

I asked her to rate the amount of tension she felt in her body, which she rated a 9.

With eyes closed, I had her breathe into the areas congestion until she reached a state of balance, which took just under 5 minutes (gentle coaching and encouragement through this process is helpful).

When asked, she rerated her tension a 4 and said she was able to think clearly and breathe deeply.

Appreciate she cut her emotional pain in half through authentic meansand nothing changed. Meaning, the things that happened earlier that day still happened yet she was in a completely different space.

Also, considering the types of behaviors/decisions that stem from a tension level of “9” vs. “4” and how that affects not only that person’s health and happiness but how that impacts those in their environment—there’s a huge chain reaction benefit.

Unfortunately, our cultural narrative is: What pill can I take, drink can I drink, TV can I watch, etc. to numb this pain? When instead, we can breathe our way through it and ask ourselves a much better question: What’s my role in my current level of stress and how can I lower my expectations?

Please, take someone you know, love and care about through this simple breathing meditation, especially children.

"Meditation means dissolving the invisible walls that unawareness has built." Sadhguru



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