How to approach difficult work

The challenge with difficult work is you don't know how to do it perfectly.

You run the risk of being rejected, criticized or dismissed.

Your ability to exert effort comes down to your ability to tolerate failure.

There are certain emotions associated with failure that are unique to you and may include fear, shame and anxiety.

The key to doing difficult work is to embody those feelings, allowing yourself to feel them.

With your eyes close, picture your worst case scenario, feel your emotions surface and pay close attention to how they manifest in your body.

Then, breathe into them as both an act of courage and constructive self-soothing until you reach a space of emotional balance (this will take some time).

Keep in mind that most people avoid facing their pain through avoidance activities and numbing behaviors...which doesn't get the work done and pulls them out of alignment with their values, a lose-lose situation.

Once balanced, look at both aspects of your work: action and reaction or effort and outcome and notice that while you're only in control of the first part (action/effort), your concerned with the second part (reaction/outcome).

This is when you remind yourself of why you're doing what you're doing and further identify the resources needed to perform this work--lets say it's courage, resilience or integrity.

In the space you previously felt the body manifestation with the painful emotion, you'll now breathe the resource into that same region.

Once full of this new energy, see yourself on the other side of the task, appreciating success as the fact that you showed up and exerted efforts in your own best interests.

Embody the satisfaction and appreciate this visitation has just worked through your mind to prepare your body to engage difficult work.

Step 1: Picture your worst case scenario

Step 2: Embody emotions and pay attention to manifestations

Step 3: Breathe to the point of emotional balance

Step 4: Observe two aspects of your work: action/effort and reaction/outcome

Step 5: Remind yourself why you're doing what you're doing and the resources you need access to

Step 6: Breathe that resource into the body manifestation you were noticing earlier

Step 7: See the breakthrough and embody the satisfaction of your efforts

* It's OK to open your eyes throughout until you remember the sequence.

If you can't create success in your Mind, you will never see it manifest in your physical reality!

"The easiest thing is to react. The second easiest thing is to respond. But the hardest thing is to initiate." Seth Godin



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