How can you be missed if you're not even known?

I received a letter from Geico stating that "they missed me" and to open up the envelope to see just how much.

Of course, I never opened it but I'm sure they miss me to the moon and back, twice.

I always believed that in order to miss someone, you'd have to at least know them first.

They can't miss me because they don't even know I exist.

What they do know is my money is not making it into their account--that's all they really miss.

They, like most businesses are not relational, they're transactional and that's OK, just don't pretend to be relational when you're not.

For me, it's an issue of integrity.

Had I received even a yearly phone call from a representative just telling me how much I'm appreciated, I would have perceived that offer through a more generous lens.

In fact, I may have never even left in the first place because I may have been bound by something much stronger than emotional connection.

"Satisfaction is a rating. Loyalty is a brand." Shep Hyken



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