Gradients of inner work…

No one has ever come to me looking to change her inner world.

They don’t intuitively connect the anger, shame, and resentment they carry around to the physical manifestations of anxiety, weight gain, and low energy.

Quite simply, changes in the outer world emanate from changes within.

But inner work can be intimidating because you can’t quite see it, which creates all sorts of uncertainty and therefore, requires faith just to practice.

My power tools are journaling and meditation in that order.

Journaling first because it’s inner work that’s visible in the outer world—you can see the pen moving on the paper, leaving a mark and the physical evidence serves as reassurance that you were there.

Meditation is a bit more of a commitment. As soon as you close your eyes, it’s like stepping into a dark room; you can’t see anything, and most people aren’t very comfortable sitting in silence, exposing themselves to the humiliations of the mind.

Inner work strategy…

* Light –> Dark

*Known –> Unknown

* Physical –> Metaphysical

Inner work is excellent for resolving stress at a causative level, and grading the experience builds generosity into the process of healing.

"Contemplation is the highest form of activity." Aristotle



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