From overwhelmed to hopeful...

Someone was recently referred to me for coaching services.

Her primary complaint was feelings of overwhelm, anxiety and depression.

Rather than jumping into relaxation techniques, I asked her to provide insights into her environment so I could understand her state.

In short, she has a poor self-image which keeps her in a strained relationship and causes her to procrastinate on important, creative work.

Once I had a better understanding of her situation, I told her, given every experience she had encountered, I thought she was responding perfectly.

She immediately smiled and lightened up.

I showed her how she was getting in her own way by being her own biggest critic, playing a passive role and attaching to her past and how to reverse all of those scenarios by choosing to look at her life differently.

It was clear by the end of our call she was a different person (posture, energy, eye contact) than when we had met one hour prior and I finished by asking her to share one word that described how she felt when we first started chatting and how she felt now.

She went from overwhelmed to hopeful!

I pointed out how amazing that was given nothing had actually changed in her life in that hour but since she was seeing things differently it had transformed her emotional state.

Change happens in the Mind-First®, it's not worth jumping into tactics before you have a clear vision of what's important and believe you can get there.

"The mind, once stretched by a new idea, never returns to its original dimensions." Ralph Waldo Emerson



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