Frightened people, frightened to the core

As I continue serving The Whole Person: MindBodySpirit®, my eyes continue adjusting and refining to what I'm actually seeing when working with clients. 

I thought I was seeing people whose lives were out of balance, with a little weight to lose, energy to improve, and confidence to boost.

But what I'm really seeing is frightened, anxious, unsafe people, struggling to control an uncontrollable reality. 

Frightened, really?

I realize that seems like a dramatic overstatement, but we needn't look very far to observe the chaos within our culture, and then recognize the nervous energy that precedes disorder.

Where does the fright come from?


The natural formation of the ego, thinking you're a you, and I'm a me, pretending we're different, somehow unable to see that we're all participating in one great Flow, searching for Love, Belonging, and Significance.

The false self defines itself by separateness, which is necessary to claim its superiority (I can only establish myself as better than you once I'm apart from you), but the tradeoff for an elevated status is deeply misunderstood and unexpected fright!

Why else would we be experiencing an overwhelming amount of anxiety and depression?

Thankfully, fear is the springboard to all sorts of Love-based and joyous emotional experiences.

The good news is, the process from anxiety to peace of mind requires no effort whatsoever, only surrender!

As you continue detaching from your subconscious commitment to a fearful, learned reality, you'll continue collapsing ever deeper into a sea of all-consuming mercy, grace, and radical okayness. 

"To be happy is to be able to become aware of oneself without fright." Walter Benjamin 



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