Foundational YESness

When people come to me for help reaching their goals, I first try to help them see how they're getting in their own way.

When you're getting in your own way, I call that saying NO to yourself.

Examples of NO would be...

- Hitting the snooze button

- Setting an intention and not following through

- Dishonoring your personal boundaries when they're being challenged

- Numbing your pain instead of transforming it

- Trying to be perfect and please others

One of the drivers of a NO lifestyle is low self-worth and is often marked by someone looking for happiness outside of themselves, what Brene Brown has referred to as performance-based worthiness.

They goal, in short, is to help them get to a Foundational YES, which requires helping them look at themselves differently.

Truth is, there's is something much larger than all of us that's saying YES to us all the time and its evident by every breath we take.

Every breath offers what I call Foundational YESness, the fact that we're being chosen to be here.

Once the YES is recognized, we then have the opportunity to accept it and finally get to transform the YES within us through our actions.

Saying YES is a matter of converting the YES within us as a gift to the world.

"Because of a great LOVE, one is courageous." Lao Tzu



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