Finding YES inside of NO…

We’ve all had stories of NO in our lives.

We've all had stories of shame, abandonment, and betrayal to tell.

We’ve all felt the pain of inferiority, insignificance, and irrelevance.

Some of us have a difficult time moving beyond these stories, as they can become our identity and subsequently, a reference point of our self-worth.

Though, we often forget to tell the second ½ of the story…the fact that we’re still standing, we’re more resilient, and we’re an inspiration.

The “secret” to transforming our stories of NO is getting to the YES inside of them...this converts our wounds into a sacred story.

The YES transforms shame into honor, abandonment into commitment, and betrayal into loyalty.


* From a practical standpoint, when you meditate each morning, sit until you can reach a foundational yes, and the rest of your day will flow from that yesness.

“I’m no longer quite sure what the question is, but I do know that the answer is yes.” Leonard Bernstein



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