Feel that feeling, feel that healing

If you're a resentful person, you've got unprocessed anger that needs to be felt.

Resentful --> Anger

If you're a depressed person, you've got unprocessed injustices that need to be felt.

Depressed --> Injustices

If you're a critical person, you've got unprocessed shame that needs to be felt.

Critical --> Shame

Whatever your default emotional state is, it's quite likely you haven't fully processed the defining events that have caused your pain and suffering.

Unprocessed pain = Chronic suffering

Inside of a meditation, revisit those experiences, feel those feelings, and allow yourself to fully own your involvement in those encounters (even if unintentional) so that you can finally and fully disown them.

Own --> Disown

We always a choice to transform our wounds into a sacred story, or continue transmitting the pain caused by them.

"Your intellect may be confused, but your emotions will never lie to you." Roger Ebert



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