Expanding your notion of success

As a MindBodySpirit® Coach, I'm hired to help people solve all sorts of problems.

While all change is complex and full of many layers, there is a simple side to it, as well.

Most challenges arise due to some form of neglect.

- Low energy occurs when adequate sleep is neglected

- Weight gain occurs when painful emotions are neglected

- Poor posture occurs when one's physicality is neglected

And neglect, believe it or not, is rarely conscious or intentional.

The solution to these problems is not to starting engaging new behaviors (that's part of the eventual goal); it's first to understand how the person measures success.

For most people, success is measured by how much they get done on their to-do list, how much money they earn, or how much their day goes according to plan (control)--oftentimes driven by an unmet need.

In essence, there's a contradiction between what's important and how success is being measured.

The key is to start by expanding your notion of success to include self-care; otherwise, the activities associated with resolving your symptoms will always feel obligatory.

Build it in!

"What gets measured, gets managed." Peter Drucker



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