Evolution meets a milestone

In December 2010, as I was preparing for the New Year, I couldn't help but think about resolutions and how the clients who were with me since the previous January, hadn't changed much.

This challenged my professionalism since I've always taken pride in being well-read and informed when it came to providing a balanced physical experience, and considering one's basic needs beyond diet and exercise.

Eventually, I realized it wasn't just my clients who were unlikely to reach their goals this next year; in fact, there would be millions of people who would set the same resolutions from years past, only to find failure once again.

I asked myself: "How is it so many people fail to reach the same goal, year after year?" I was mind-boggled!

Then it dawned on me; people were addressing WHAT happened to themselves (weight gain, low energy, poor health) instead of WHY it was happening (low self-esteem, limiting beliefs, poor self-relationship), and that this outside-in approach would never, ever work.

Since that epiphany, I've invested the last nine years of my career learning how to treat The Whole Person: MindBodySpirit®.

Today, I work from inside-out, through the Mind to uplift the Spirit, which transforms the Body, and now, my clients regularly reach their goals, not because we're working any harder, but because we're working from and through the heart--love wins, again!

I'm proud to announce that I've collaborated with the Gray Institute to develop The Functional Behavioral System, and this Thursday, August 22nd @ 7 pm EST for 60 minutes, Gary Gray and I will be chatting about all things MindBodySpirit--so please join us by registering here:

Thank you for participating in this celebratory moment with me and for reading my daily blog. I really appreciate you :-)

"As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words, but to live by them." John F. Kennedy



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