Every day is a page in your book

Every day, whether or not you realize it, you're recording yet another page in the book that is your life.

Every thought (limiting or affirmative), every emotion (fear or love-based) and every action (protective or constructive) is recorded and everyone around you is reading your book.

They read how you show up each day, they read if you do what you say you're going to do, they read how you treat yourself and others, they read your habits, they read your energy and they read everything YOU.

What book are they reading? Are they enjoying it? Are you telling the same story over and again? Are you leaving them at the edge of their seats wondering what you're going to do next?

Writing a book worth reading begins with the self-expectation that you're going to write it, regardless of whether or not you feel like it and based solely on the fact that you've decided to operate with a spirit of courage, resilience and integrity.

To reiterate, the expectations are self-focused. You're not waiting for someone else to become who you need them to be so you can become whom you ought to be.

Then, you're going to match your expectations with equally high effort because effort is all that matters and all you're in control of; it's the ultimate expression of your MindBodySpirit.

As you write your book, realize you're just writing one page today, not an entire chapter; so stay focused on making one decision at a time consistent with who and where and what you want to be.

As you pull your every bit of potential and possibility from the inside of you out, you'll simultaneously give others the permission to start writing something interesting too.

"Either write something worthy reading or do something worth writing." Benjamin Franklin



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