Even more important than results is...

...sensing progress.

And progress comes from some combination of exerting courageous, effort and managing expectations.

It's the forward motion towards the "destination" that keeps motivation high.

But you've got to be careful to not overly focus on the outcome because what matters most is the effort and how you respond to setbacks.

Prematurely measuring the outcome is often evident of limited beliefs, a fixed mindset, an addiction to instant gratification, self-doubt or a deep-seated insecurity.

Of course, if your effort is not leading north, adjust your sails, don't jump ship!

The key to success lies in failing successfully...falling, getting back up and maintaining a strong desire to take the next step.

Every bit of effort you exert is an expression of love and once that dot is connected, effort will only ever feel like an opportunity and then, even setbacks can be seen as progress.

"If there is no struggle, there is no progress." Frederick Douglass



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