Effort vs. Outcome

You're in control of the effort you put forth each day.

You're not in control of the outcome of those efforts.

This is a critical understanding if you're to be happy each day.

You can control whether or not you show up to the gym, and you cannot control what the scale says.

You can control showing up on time, and you cannot control if the person you're meeting reciprocates.

You can control setting an intention for the day, and you cannot control if life throws you a curve ball.

Focus all of your energy on exerting effort in the direction of your preferred reality and every so often, pick your head up to make sure you're heading in the right direction. If you find yourself moving off course, adjust your sails and keep going.

"Life is a balance between what we can control and what we cannot. I'm learning to live between effort and surrender." Danielle Orner



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