Don't take me into your mindspace...

...take me into your heartspace ❤!

Patternistically, clients tend to begin our sessions with their minds, which can be spotted from a mile away.

Their minds are critical, anxious, exclusive, manipulative, fragile, offended, protective, attached, transactional, and entirely predictable.

I'll request they drop about 18" from head to heart, to give me a better sense of where they're at.

This invitation doesn't usually come without resistance as they prefer to remain in their "control tower."

While the friction can be fierce, it's usually overcome by a short meditation with a focus on connecting to the part of themselves that's already at rest.

More often than not, clients awake from their meditations "born again," marked by an entirely new mind.

Their "heart-mind" is compassionate, settled, inclusive, considerate, stable, content, invigorated, liberated, relational, and entirely refreshing.

The conversations that emanate from this space are peaceful, loving, and joyous in nature, and my clients enjoy basking in states of optimism, open-mindedness, and creativity.

Once their mind has surrendered, and heartspace has opened, transformation can finally take place.

"Show me all the parts of you that you don't love, so I know where to start." Ava



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