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The Whole Person Blog: Week Four, Day Two, Part 1/2 - Desperate Desiring

Writings inspired by Fr. Richard Rohr: Breathing Under Water: Spirituality and the Twelve Steps

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Monday, January 20th, 2020

Nothing really ever changes as much as it evolves. We can look back five years ago and notice a behavior we once engaged that we no longer participate in, but it surely wasn't something we consciously decided to do one day and stopped the next. There was a period of longing, a deep desiring, and repeated backsliding before it came to be. Even someone who quits something "cold turkey" spends a considerable amount of time contemplating that change before it ever happens. This is the essence of Step 2: We came to believe that a Power greater than ourselves could restore us to sanity, which prepares alcoholics to let go of their need for control over everything in their lives by introducing the concept of a higher power. The genius of Step 1 is that it claims powerlessness, creating an emptiness that can only then be filled by Something bigger than oneself. Step 2, as Richard states, is the true leap of faith:

"The surrender of faith does not happen in one moment but is an extended journey; a trust walk, a gradual letting go, unlearning, and handing over. Desire and longing must be significantly deepened and broadened. To finally surrender ourselves to healing, we have to have three spaces opened up within us, and all at the same time: our opinionated head, our closed-down heart, and our defensive and defended body. This is the work of Spirituality–and it is work.

  • To keep the mind space open, we need some form of contemplative or meditation practice to overcome "stinking thinking," and the all-or-none mentality.

  • To keep the heart space open, we need some healing in regards to our carried hurts from the past, to be in right relationship with people, and "right-brain" activities, such as music, art, dance, nature, fasting, poetry, games, life-affirming sexuality, and of course, the art of relationship itself.

  • To keep our bodies less defended, to live in our body right now, to be present to others in a cellular way, is also the work of healing our past hurts and the many memories that seem to store themselves in the body.

Those who can be present with head, heart, and body at the same time will always encounter Presence, whether they call it God or not."

Hopefully, you can start seeing my distaste for the terms change and goals as they cheapen the notion of the healing required for the transformation of one's MindBodySpirit®. I'm working to introduce spiritual terms in the health, fitness, and wellness arena, because if our conversation doesn't evolve, neither will our approach and nor will the horrific results people are achieving under the care of a professional. The inherent challenge in provoking this dialogue is related to the negative connotations associated with religion. This discussion will also play out as an evolution.

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"God comes to us disguised as our life." Paula D'Arcy



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