Creating your preferred day

Most people start the day by rehearsing their problems, thinking about what has to get done and hoping to do something that honors their individual needs.

This thought process is inherently centered on frustration, anxiety, and guilt.

In turn, this emotional energy will manifest itself in the form of events that will take place throughout your day.

Frustration plays out in the form of unrealistic expectations, anxiety plays out in the form of procrastination, and guilt plays out in the way of delaying self-care.

And on and on and on we go…a self-perpetuating vicious cycle.

Notice the catalyst was how the first 5 minutes of the day was spent, and the good news is that emotional energy can be redirected.

Ask yourself:

1. What emotions do you want to create your day from?

2. How can I express these emotions throughout my day?

3. When I fall back into familiar patterns, how can I re-choose my preferred state?

Recreating your life is simply a matter of living on purpose.

"The desire to create is one of the deepest yearnings of the human soul." Elder Uchtdorf



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